Away control  whois selected user  ping selected user  Version selected user  Check selected users time  Clear screen
big grin
Op Control
giver selected user +o (@)take ops away from selected usergive selected user +v (+)take voice away from selected user
kick selected userkick selected user with a reason
ban selected userkick and ban selected user from channel
Channel modes
Only ops set topicOnly ops set topicNo external messagesNo external messages
Invite onlyInvite onlymoderatedmoderated
Set or unset limit invite someone to the channel
   Services (these only include some of the basic commands for easy access)...
Nickserv Chanserv/botserv Memoserv
Register your nicknameIdentify your nicknameRemove a ghost
Recover your nicknamerelease a nickname from servicesdrop a nickname registration
set kill on/offset security on/offchange your nickname password
Register your channelIdentify as founderdrop a channel registration
List avaliable services bots Assign a bot to your channel Un Assign a botAccess listAdd someone to access listDelete someone from access list
Send a memo to nick or channelCancel your last send memoList your current memos
read last received memoRead memo number ?Delete memo number ?Delete all memosSet limit of memos to receiveWhen to be notifyed about new memos

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